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NOTE: This U.S. Federal Individual income tax calculator shows the estimated personal taxes owed by both individuals and married couples, whether employeed or self-employeed.

The 2013 income tax calculations are what the law currently specifies will be owed by Americans in the year 2013, unless Congress (beleaguered by the debt ceilling, a Presidential election, and massive looming automatic budget cuts) has the time and wherewithal to change the law.

The numbers are pretty troubling: 24% more taxes for the typical family. Leading economists have started stating that if the fiscal cliff isn't resolved, it could lead to a 20% market correction by March 2013.

But this is just part of the looming Fiscal Cliff [] that awaits us, that could be much more worse than people have predicted so far. It is speculated by leading theorists and politicians that there is a 70% chance the taxes will be owed if Obama is re-elected, and 30% if Romney is.


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Federal Corporate Income Tax Calculator

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