PHPU's Mission

Learn to code PHP and JavaScript like a Pro.

Theodore R. Smith • December 11, 2020


PHP University’s mission is to enhance and increase the engineering aptitude of the PHP community as a whole by focusing on training new developers correctly and retraining existing professionals as necessary, through group training, one-on-one mentoring, and the exposition of high-quality open-sourced PHP projects utilizing a range of Web 2.0 technologies.

Since October 2009, PHPU has helped people change their lives for the better, by training people not just how to code, but how to become effective code craftsmen.

Whether you are an absolute beginner or a seasoned professional, learn how to grow your skillset with Object Oriented PHP Web 2.0 development, and master the art of Software Architecture and Development today!

Get Results

Over the years, PHPU has grown into a veritable cornucopia of resources for programmers of all disciplines and every stage of development. The student repository has grown to include 30 real-world web projects (100,000+ lines of code), aiding in the learning and technical mastery of PHP, OOP and other concepts.

Far more cost-effective than a 4 year degree at a traditional university, PHP University is the one of the first web developer trade schools dedicated to giving people the real-world skills they need to become PHP experts. Plus, if you sign up for the Apprenticeship program, you can earn money as you study.

About The Mentor

I am a Zend Certified PHP 5 Engineer, as well as a MySQL 5.0 Certified DBA and Developer.

I have a strong passion for PHP in particular and Object Oriented Programming in general. After establishing a lucrative and successful career, I founded the PHP University to reach out and train people, both one-on-one and in a classroom setting, the art of Software Architecture and Development. I started the PHP University in October 2009 and have been training people 1 on 1 and in classes ever since.